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Responsible Riders OHV Education
The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation Responsible Riders course provides a building block style learning environment.


These lessons include pre-ride inspection, starting and stopping, quick turns, hill riding, emergency stopping and swerving and riding over obstacles. You will also learn about protective gear, Idaho’s laws, rules and regulations, Idaho’s Off-Highway Vehicle clubs, rules of the road, places to ride and environmental concerns. Bring your friends and family and meet new friends to ride with.


Who should attend?

Everyone! The course is a great way to get kids off to a safe start and refresh skills that may have been forgotten or were never taught. A parent must be present for riders under 16. IDPR Responsible Riders course offers courses for ages 6 and up.

What do I bring?

You must wear the proper riding gear at all times during training.

Bring the following:

  • Your UTV with a current IDPR registration sticker

  • DOT-approved helmet

  • Goggles or face shield

  • Over-the-ankle boots

  • OHV type riding gloves

  • Long pants

  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Your IDPR OHV registration sticker pays for the class.

Do I use my own UTV?


Can I share an UTV?

No. The course is fast paced and requires all operators to have an UTV.

What is the Riding Area like?

Riding areas around the state differ somewhat, but they all include the necessary facilities to complete all UTV lessons.

What are the benefits of completing the IDPR Responsible Riders Course?

The IDPR Responsible Riders course completion certificate meets Idaho’s OHV Education requirement outlined in Idaho Code 49-302 and is recognized in all the Western States. Idaho recognizes OHV education completion certificates with the State logo or State OHV Program logo on the certificate. Idaho currently does not recognize ASI or MSF certificates.

What is the best way to find riding opportunities in Idaho?

Visit www.trails.idaho.gov and join a local OHV club.

  • From: 08/01/2020 12:00 PM To: 08/01/2020 3:00 PM


Boise OHV Training site


Follow I-84 E to ID-21 N/E Gowen Rd in Boise.(Left onto ID-21)

Take exit 57 from I-84 E

Continue on ID-21 N. Drive to E Parkcenter Blvd/E Warm Springs Ave (Left onto Warm Springs Ave.)

Left into IDPR at 5657 Warm Springs. 

Stay left to follow the road around to the parking lot between the IDPR HQ building and storage building to the East of the HQ building.


Hours of operation:

  • April 1 - October 31
  • Monday - Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 9am-4pm, Sunday - Closed

Range operations:

  • Prior to class - Range shall be watered for dust control.
  • Post class/predraging - Range shall be watered for dust control.
  • No more than 14 machines are allowed on the range at any one time.
  • Maximum number of students - 10

All OHVs shall meet Idaho Code 67-7125, Sound requirements. 96dB
All OHVs shall have a current registration sticker.
All students must wear a DOT approved helmet during riding lessons.

Latitude / Longitude

43.56225, -116.11811

Registration is Required (Click Here To Register)